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BernCo Open Space

Bernalillo County owns and manages 13 very unique properties totaling 1,000 acres from the Sandia Mountains to the Rio Grande Valley, and has also contributed to a number of other protected lands, including Valle de Oro, the first urban wildlife refuge in the Southwest, and the newly adopted University of New Mexico North Golf Course.


History of Bernalillo County Open Space

Birthed out of a grassroots effort by numerous local groups and supported by the community-at-large, Bernalillo County's Open Space Program got its start when a 1998 referendum passed, providing 0.5 mill levy for two years; and again in 2000, with a 0.25 mill levy for six years. The mission of the mill levy funds was to acquire and maintain open space for the benefit and enjoyment of Bernalillo County residents and visitors.


Purpose of Bernalillo County Open Space

Many of the properties that were purchased likely would have otherwise been developed, yet today they are the county's environmental, historical and cultural treasures. These places include historic sites such as the Gutierrez-Hubbell History and Cultural Center and Ojito de San Antonio, which features active acequias providing essential water for the community. They also include prime wildlife spots like Carlito Springs, with its perennial streams; and the newly developed Bachechi Open Space, with an environmental education building. These are not only pretty places, but they are vital for the health of our watershed, preservation of our agricultural traditions, and the protection of wildlife.


Enjoy YOUR Bernalillo County Open Space

The Open Space staff and our partners provide year-round opportunities to get out and explore these areas with workshops, guided hikes, educational field trips and volunteer opportunities. The Open Space program started in 2009, and the county's Open Space team continue to strive to provide the utmost customer service by modifying our program each year based on the public's feedback and interests. We hope you will take advantage of this amazing network of properties and join our many events.


Click on the circles below to learn more about Bernalillo County's Open Spaces, along with classes, workshops, tours and other activities!


Click here for a listing of all Open Space Properties.

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