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Bernie's Herd

Where's BernCo Bernie? That's what you need to find out! 


Last week, someone "sheep-napped" our eight BernCo Bernies from their pen, and sent us a note saying the Bernies were released back into the wilds of Bernalillo County!


But the good news is that the sheep-nappers left us clues for each of the eight BernCo Bernies' locations.


We need your help! Please search for the eight BernCo Bernies based on the eight clues below.


If you find one of the Bernies, take and then email two photos to; 1) a photo of the BernCo Bernie that you found and 2) a photo of the sign identifying the place you found Bernie (for example, if BernCo Bernie is found at a park, you'd send us a photo of Bernie and of the sign that has the name of the park.)


The first 200 individuals who send us photos of all eight BernCo Bernies - and their locations - will become part of "Bernie's Herd" and will get a thank-you gift from us!


Plus, your photos might be featured on BernCo Bernie's Twitter page - so feel free to include pictures of you, your family and your friends with BernCo Bernie - and Bernie's scenic hiding place!


Remember - you have to find all eight BernCo Bernies to be a part of Bernie's Herd!




Note: Photos can only be sent to Bernalillo County by those 18 years or older. If you are under 18 and you want to send a photo, please have a parent/guardian sign the release form and include it in your email.

Photos sent to us become the property of Bernalillo County and may be used for county purposes with no compensation or notice.


For questions or more information, please email using "Bernie's Herd" in the subject line.



Bernie's Herd News

July 23, 2013: Dianne Fierro First to Find the Eight Bernies!


South Valley resident Dianne Fierro was the first to find all eight BernCo Bernies! Click here for the story.


July 25, 2013: The Bilbao Family finds all eight Bernies!


Patricia and Roberto Bilbao learned about Bernie's Herd while attending the county's Open Space Master Naturalist Program at Bachechi Enrivonmental Education Building on July 18. 

That next weekend, the family, along with one-year-old son Roberto Jr., started their BernCo Bernie search. 

Click here for their story.



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