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Bernie's Herd News

Dianne Fierro First to Find all Eight Bernies

July 23, 2013: South Valley resident Dianne Fierro was the first to find all eight BernCo Bernies! She wrote to us to explain how she went about the process:


“I actually live in Pajarito in the South Valley and frequently use Pajarito, Hubbell House, and Durand Open Spaces for exercise. I first ran into Bernie at an Open Space property last week quite by accident and was intrigued with the project, going on line to get more information. Previously I didn't know what the eight sheep on the County symbol stood for! 

I think it's wonderful that the County-and the City of Albuquerque-have invested resources in keeping so many agricultural lands open as well as more traditional mountain or historical sites. I've lived in the South Valley for more than 25 years, and we've watched the agricultural lands slowly morphing into residential and commercial use. Keeping some of the South Valley lands agricultural is very important to me and my neighbors as we've chosen to live in a more open landscape. I want my grandchildren and the children in my neighborhood to know what natural spaces are like.

Although I've already visited many of the County Open Space lands, I've discovered that many of my Albuquerque friends have no idea that they exist, including members of a senior hiking group I've spent time with that I took to visit some of the sites. I hope the new Valle de Oro Urban Wildlife Refuge will also be well used by the County Open Space program over the next few years!”


Tackman Family Works Together to find all Eight Bernies
The Bilbao Family Finds All Eight BernCo Bernies

July 25, 2013: Patricia and Roberto Bilbao learned about Bernie's Herd while attending the county's Open Space Master Naturalist Program at Bachechi Enrivonmental Education Building on July 18. 


That next weekend, the family, along with one-year-old son Roberto Jr., started their BernCo Bernie search.


Jackson Family Finds All Eight! 

July 22, 2013: Dana Elzie-Jackson and her son, Sabastian, were our third-place Bernie-finders. "My son and I had a great time with my son searching for these spots," Dana says. "It was so nice spending time with him discovering all the great things about this place, as (Sabastian) is going away to college in the next couple weeks."

Christina Vinyard
Is Our Fourth

July 28, 2013: Christina Vinyard sent us the next set of all eight BernCo Bernie pictures on 7/23-24, 2013. Congratulations Christina!

August 12, 2013: Susan Tackman, along with her grandchildren Austin, Ben, Maya, and Colter, worked for a whole week to scour the clues and track down all eight BernCo Bernies. 


"Monday, we were able to find four BernCo Bernies; Tuesday we found two more; and Wednesday, we tracked down the last two," Susan says. "We had a great time interpreting the clues and following them to the eight locations...thanks for giving us a reason and opportunity to search out some of the special places in Bernalillo County."

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