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Find BernCo Bernie!

Can you find BernCo Bernie based on the riddle below?

Looking for a challenging chase? Then try looking for me! Psst, I’ll be hiding in Pajarito Open Space

If boredom is what you’re dodging, then why don’t you meet me for some bird watching

I’ll take you to a little place with some charm; I’m headed to an old former Dairy Farm

With agriculture, habitats, and a scenic view there’s so many things that you can do!

There are so many outdoor activities worth doing; we should also take a look at the nature because that’s definitely worth a viewing

With walking trails, fields, wildlife and trees, this open space needs to be enjoyed so come accompany me please!

If pondering on which road to find me on is best, my advice is to take Beck Road Southwest

This open space will be right where it should, conveniently placed near a good neighborhood

If you’re still having troubles with the directions that you have to decode, here’s a hint: I’ll be on Don Felipe Road

I just can’t wait to see you there! It’s always great time to get some fresh air.

There’s no better time than now so you better hurry, I’ll be waiting, Your Friendly Sheep, Bernie 

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