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Find BernCo Bernie!

Can you find BernCo Bernie based on the riddle below?

If you’re good with directions you’ll find me with ease. What you need to do is drive down Edith Boulevard Northeast
If you pack a picnic we can feast, at the park located on Mt Carmel Northeast
If you enjoy the outdoors you’re sure to have a blast, you can run around in all of this grass
Here you can have fun without yield. Grab a ball - let’s play on the soccer field
With all of this space, we can play it all: tag, red rover, or even some kickball
There are things to do here of all kinds of sorts, you can grab some friends and a ball and play on the basketball courts
Where I’m hiding there is a nice jungle gym; but please be careful when you play, you don’t want to break a limb!
If you really wanna find me you have to search, but it doesn’t hurt to look near Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church
Look for the signs, if you’re driving past houses, that’s good! In the park I’m hiding in, it’s surrounded by a neighborhood.
You can find this park without fail, you just gotta stay on the little dirt trail
When you start seeing lots of trees you can start to feel relieved. That will tell you that you’ve found me! Your Outdoor-Loving Sheep, Bernie!

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