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Find BernCo Bernie!

Where I’m hidden I’m easily seen. As long as you’ve driving down Highway 14.
A community center is a nice place to hide out in, how bout we play inside the Fisher and Smith Memorial Gymnasium?
Where I am there are things to do of all kinds of sorts; baseball fields, fitness centers, and volleyball and basketball courts.
If you’re ready to have fun by the loads, be ready to track me down on La Madera Road
If baseball is your thing then golly geez, come with me to watch some fun Little League
Finding me this time won’t be too hard, as long as you know to check out Sandia Park
When it comes to telling you my location my lips are sealed, but it wouldn’t hurt to look for a soccer field
When you reach the first right on La Madera you’ll be right on my tail! Make that turn and to find me all you have to do is follow the trail!
Have you had enough clues yet? I’m done with all this talking! I like doing, follow me to the nearby woods for some nature walking
I gotta go! I’m in a hurry, but I’ll meet you there, Your Proactive Sheep, Bernie!

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