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Find BernCo Bernie!

Can you find BernCo Bernie based on the riddle below?

Come along if you accept my invitation, to a land popular for bird migration

If you’re careful we might see some nests, in on open space on Isleta Boulevard Southwest

We can go along and play lots of games, on a land that used to store airplanes

There’s plenty of plants around of that I’m sure, that’s because this land focuses on agriculture

If you have friends who are interested in crops have them follow ya, because in this open space we like to grow alfalfa

The field and walking trails are pretty neat; they are oh so very useful for bicycling

If you get hungry here’s a neat trick, pack a basket for a summer picnic

For a picnic there are available tables so take a seat, or better yet sit near a tree and be shaded by some leaves

Let everyone go together but please no fighting, if you bring a horse we can go horseback riding

There’s plenty of open space for people who are walkers, or if you’d rather, we can grab a ball and play some soccer

As you can tell there is much to see, so come along and follow me! Your Adventurous Sheep, Bernie 

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