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Find BernCo Bernie!

Can you find BernCo Bernie based on the riddle below?

If you’re looking for some summer fun well you could have it all, simply by meeting me for a game of kickball

When looking for summer fun you have to do it right, by looking for me near Sandia Heights

If you’re just joining us now let me fill you in, I’m hiding in a park with a Jungle gym

I’m hiding near the mountains, to find me it won’t be hard; but only if you’re heading down Tramway Boulevard

But before you get off Tramway be sure to find the right street. I’ll be at Little Cloud Park on San Bernardino Drive Northeast

If you don’t like going out too much just do me one favor, go on a hunt to find me and try enjoying some nature.

Scenery, picnic tables, grass, and more; Oh all the things you can enjoy and explore!

Do relay races, scavenger hunts, and play some soccer; grab some friends, grab a parent, even meet a jogger. Playing in the sun can’t get any better while our weather is getting hotter

It might be odd to have a friend like me that’s just so furry, but I’m just a sheep who wants to share the outdoors so please join me. Your Good Furry Friend Bernie 

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