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Find BernCo Bernie!

Can you find BernCo Bernie based on the riddle below?

Staying at home during summer ain’t too shabby, but for more summer fun follow me and grab your caddy

Please don’t think that finding me will be hard, not when I’m near the corner of Lomas and Yale Boulevard

With this open space near the University of New Mexico, we should all grab a club get up and go!

We’re off to the Championship Golf Course; everyone is invited of course.

We’ll have to look out for pesky sand traps, because playing golf is harder than playing a game of jacks

Golf doesn’t have to be a single player game, let’s go in threes, but please, if you come along, don’t forget the tees

Playing golf is a skill challenging game, but you can get better with practice at the driving range

It’s okay to make mistakes, but be careful and watch out for the lakes

Swing your club by all means, just remember, try to stay on the greens

Walking around might be hard, but not if you grab a handy golf cart

Playing golf is such a thrill, if you get hungry check out the restaurant the Lobo grill

If you wanna find me you better hurry, your Golf Loving Friend, Bernie. 

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